Friday, September 25, 2009

Credit Mistakes to Experience

Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.
Rita Mae Brown

Seven mistakes!

If I were to reminisce the things I did in my trip to Malaysia, there are seven things I am contemplating to re-do, or shall I say, I have 7 "should have's". Possibly, there are more than this number, but it is only 7 that I am willing to confess, if you know what I mean.

Count down please . . .

One. I should have checked out the promotions offered on Malaysian trips. My credit card company was giving 22% discount for the air fare, just travel Malaysian Airlines. Wow, and to think that I can pay the bill a month after. Sayang! (Sayang is a feeling of regret.)

Two. I should have just bought a SIM card at Malaysia so I can at least contact anybody there, my friend or a taxi driver. Well, the rest of you may not have this problem, but I did. I did not respect the need for communication. There was this instance when I went on my sight-seeing trip. It took me hours enjoying my time there, but I can't contact my taxi driver because my cellphone was useless in Malaysia. I brought it just for taking photos. I wanted to extend my stay there but we have to meet up at 3 pm. I was also to meet my friend at 6 pm for dinner and I can't move the appointment because no useful phone at hand. And you know what happened, my friend showed up at 10 pm. Hu, hu, hu. Sayang!

Three. I should have exchanged more ringgits. This is easy to explain. I wanted to buy some good stuff but no ringgits available, just peso. I was trying to stay on the budget but come to think of it . . . Sayang!

Four. I should have bought the items I liked at an instant when I saw them. It's okay to take a moment to think but buy them at the same day, right there. I did not do just that, and the consequence? I was not able to return to the place to buy it. Sayang!

Five. Good that I brought just enough clothing. I packed light to have space for the things I was able to buy. I had comfortable footwear, great, but I should have brought a good handbag . . . bag that is easy to bring along when walking and climbing and riding, etc. You know what would have been perfect? A bag that will allow things to get organized inside it, despite the stashing of papers and different items in it , would have been perfect. It is helpful to have one that will not allow the things inside to slide outside or else Sayang!

Six. I should have made the best of the night life. I was afraid of the being outside the house at night. My curfew for myself was 11 PM. I got tired going from one place to another, everyday. I really had to rest, but maybe not, right. Why sleep?

Seven. I should have brought my lap tap to save my photos and be able to send e-mail. I work faster and with much ease using my own gadgets. I was thinking the lap tap is heavy and that I may not need it. However, during the fight, looking around inside the plane, a number of the passengers do carry their lovable machines with them. Also, it is another medium of communication aside from the cellphone, right?

Seven Plus?
I should have flown to my friend in Miri. Going to Miri is a two-and-a-half plane ride, but then again, that may have been a bad idea. It may require much time and effort and usually, people are busy during weekdays. Can't just drop by on such short notice. (How I planned my trip to Malysia, the things I did right).

But you know what? I still enjoyed my trip to Malaysia, in spite of all my "should have's ". Life is what we make of it! (Tourist attractions visited: Safari, Genting, Malacca City, Batu Caves, A' Famosa, Melaka)

Malaysia, it is a place where my dream came true.
About Malaysia
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