Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lost&Found, Honest Men

"Jack, Jack, I am here. I am finished with my tour of this place. Where to now?
But wait, can you take a picture of me as souvenir? Thanks so much Jack. Now, let's have a photo together. Ask that guy over there to take our photo."

"Yes, Miss." That is how Jack responds to me. I get flattered every time he says "Miss", 'coz that's the biggest lie, hahah. I am not single and definitely not young. I flatter myself, but the truth is Jack probably addresses all the females as "Miss". Maybe he should call me "Missed" instead.

Enough with that! Finally, I want you to meet Jack, my teksi (taxi) driver, tour guide, photographer, story teller, company and friend.

I was touring alone, as I have repeatedly been saying. I met Jack when I wanted to go to the Genting Highlands. He is the taxi driver I got on my third day in Malaysia. He requested, without any hesitance, that I rent his teksi for the day. He continued by saying that he has children and he wanted to earn a little more. He lured me by adding that he will bring me to different places in the city.

I like Jack because I can understand his English and whether his story is true or not, I felt for him so I agreed to his proposal. He was so grateful and always mentioning that "you gave me business, Miss, so I will take you to places I know you'll like and you can have your photos taken."

Hmmm. Jack knew what to say, he knows my weakness was souvenir photos, the message was probably painted all over my face, an excited tourist.

True to his words, we spent lots of drives together but he leaves me at my destination or just rests in his teksi until I finish my sight-seeing.

My final ride in his teksi was going to the airport for my departure.

At the airport, I was excited to go home. I was about to call my husband to inform him that I'll be home soon. However, as I searched my bag for my phone, I can't seem to find it. I started to panic when I realized I lost my phone. What a disaster. How do I tell my husband about this? You see, this is the second time I lost my phone. How humiliating. It also dawned unto me that all my photos were gone together with the cellphone. What a big waste of everything. No photo, no souvenir, no memories in print. How could have I lost it. I probably left it at the lobby or at my room.

I remembered Jack, I have his calling card. I immediately called him and asked him to check the place where I stayed. He said okay. Then I never heard from him again.

Before I was about to board the plane, I called him one last time. He announced that he found it in his teksi. I was so astonished and amazed at how things turned out. So, we made arrangements on how he is to give it to the office mate of my friend, who is to visit the Philippines the week after.

Jack did his part well for I got back my I-Phone with all the photos saved in its memory. Whew! With that, I saved Jack's good deed in my memory as well. I thank God for this miracle. This has truly been a memorable trip to Malaysia. Good hearts are available here.

Always do right, this will gratify some and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain
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  1. wow.. that was amazing.. honest people are rare nowadays, especially strangers.. but Jack made a difference, maybe not in the world, but at least in your life :)

    it's also amazing that you get to travel by yourself.. that could also be a good way to recollect and get in touch with yourself, with nature, and with God.. do you travel often? that sounds fun :-)

  2. It's great to travel with the family but too many constraints. This was my first travel on my own. God-willing, I may travel again this month so I could have more posts, heheh. Thanks.


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