Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sight Seeing Tours at Kuala Selangor

There is one significant place I skipped going, when I went to Malaysia. That is Kuala Selangor where I am suppose to have dinner and see lots and lots of fireflies. It was raining the night I was scheduled to go and I got a little tired from my day tour. I planned to go the next day but unfortunately I was already set to go to another spot.

But if ever I return to Malaysia, I would definitely visit Kuala Selangor plus the wonderful resorts.

Here's something to read from the homepage of Viator:

Don't miss the chance to see the unique phenomenon of trees lit by fireflies on this late-afternoon tour to Kuala Selangor. You'll drive through the lovely Malaysian countryside, enjoy dinner at a local riverfront restaurant and take an evening boat ride upstream in a traditional sampan to see thousands of fireflies sparkling in the trees lining the river. What a magical way to spend an evening in Malaysia!

The countryside of Kuala Selangor seems miles away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. The small rustic town is known for its historic past and natural mangrove forest. You'll have the opportunity to walk around the jungle trails, learn about the mangrove trees and spot local and migratory birds in the bird sanctuary.

After dinner at a local riverside restaurant you'll boat upstream to see the fireflies sparkling in the thick mangrove along both sides of the river. It’s a unique natural phenomenon, resembling rows of brightly lit Christmas trees.

Kuala Selangor is one of only two places in the world – the other being along the Amazon River in Brazil – where millions of fireflies can be seen to “flash their lights”. The location along the Selangor River in Kampung Kuantan is easily accessible, and according to locals the best time to see the fireflies is during the new moon, around one to four hours after sunset.

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