Sunday, April 17, 2011

Melaka Holiday

Melaka, ah, truly a place of rich Malaysian culture. Before going to the heart of the city, I went to A' Famosa where I can be near to nature.

I read that a long long time ago, the last Sultan of Melaka, who took refuge in the hinterland, made intermittent raids both by land and by sea. This caused considerable hardship for the Portuguese, who conquered the city. The Portuguese built the fort named A' Famosa to defend the city. The original gate of A 'Famosa remains at present.

Now, its a place full of fun. I had an enjoyable experience there, spending my time watching animal shows. There was the elephant show where the elephants played basketball and kick-the-ball, the bird show where I got to see flocks of graceful flamingos and the funny Cowboy - Indian show, my favorite. Now I'm beginning to be like a child, a retarded one? Oh no, it was really enjoyable, I was laughing out aloud.
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