Saturday, August 15, 2009

Out to Monkey Island

A' Famosa, that's where I went.

I was ready to "pack-up and go", but as I scanned the site-map flier on my hand, I noticed I missed-out one more place, the Monkey Island. It would be a long walk towards the dock, I was talking to myself. You see you needed to ride a raft to get to the island. My allotted time was starting to diminish. Hmmm.

Nonetheless, why not cease the moment, I told myself. That's right!

I started walking and walking and walking . Nearing the dock area, I started to run to catch the ride. There was this group who just hopped into the raft that will be heading to the island.

Wait, but the raft proceeded to its task. Oh wow, I was left behind. Naiwanan ako.

I stopped running and started walking, slowly, then slower. and still slower. I was suddenly hit by loneliness. I felt really alone for I was walking on my own. Most of the tourists were watching the shows. I thought of my family. I wish they were there with me sharing my experiences. Sorry, but I just can't help it.

I then the lifted up my head and I felt myself making the effort to be happy. Why complain? Make the most of what I have. This is a dream come true, traveling and discovering new things.

When my turn came, I found myself getting on the raft and engaging in a simple conversation with the driver, oops, maybe the "captain of the raft" will be a better description. Of course, I asked him to take my photo, better to have a souvenir of this lovely woman, I mean lovely view.

I reached the island and behold, it is an empty island. Again, I am alone. Alone in a deserted island waiting for a pirate to cease me. Wait, that's another movie. Joking aside, I really had the island all by myself except for the staff. Guess what? I loved it!

(Other places I went: Safari, Genting, Malacca City, Batu Caves)

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