Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scanning Files and Information about Malaysia

How do I conceive in my mind a country like Malaysia so as to maximize my visit? You better get oriented, I told myself. No need to be an expert, just savor some information to get to appreciate the country. Well, I found out that planning is itself part of making the travel memorable and fun. These were my thoughts when I was about to visit Malaysia.

The continuation of my story . . .
"Okay let's make this exciting,", I hear my inner voice say. Let's take a peek at the super duper places in Malaysia and read about the beauty of each site.

Worth to mention was that I also got to read a blog of a young girl who went to Malaysia, on her own, for four days. She said she did a lot of walking. That gave me the courage to go ahead with my plans, plus make sure to get a great pair of shoes for the "lots-of-walking" task. Teksi (taxi in Malaysia) was not that cheap, she says.

As a starting point, I noted where the young girl said she went, including how she finds the places she was able to conquer. Later, I got hold of this list of tourist attractions. However, this was only for Kuala Lumpur. I guess you must not skip Petronas twin towers, its skywalk and Suria, KLCC where you can shop.

Wait, how about a taste of geography? My destination then was Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. I was wondering if I can go somewhere close to nature. I use to see advertisements of the breathe-taking beaches of Malaysia on TV. Deep inside though, I know, time will not permit my going to those inviting waters. Remember, I would be by myself in this sight-seeing thingy. No fear, it's okay, I will make the most of what I have. How about the outskirts of the city? Take a look at this map . . . Map of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Looking at the map, I familiarized myself with where KL is and the surrounding areas. I don't really have to memorize this stuff. I was just kinda amused with myself saying the names of the streets and the places. Cool practice!

By the way, be ready to pay the entrance fee for most of the sites you will be going. The idea of paying to enter the place kinda slipped my mind and I got surprised momentarily when I had to buy the tickets. Have to include it in your budget. At a particular park, an additional fee is asked for taking pictures, but that's okay, photos are important. Make sure you have your camera with you and that the battery is not running low. Capture the moments and the view.

I was alone, so I had to make friends there, just so someone can take my photos. I took their photos in return. It was a superb idea for I was able to win a couple of friends. I got their e-mail address so I can send their photos. I kept in contact with them when I returned home. Wonderful!

Another alternative I took was adding the picture-taking task to the job description of my taxi driver. Problem solved. Loaded my camera with hundreds of shots. Great!

I also checked out the dinero side of things, what it is and how it looks (who's face is on the money), the Malaysian Ringgit (MR), and its conversion to my native currency. Check this out, it's fun . . . Currency Conversion

I left without any ringgit, everything in peso. No worry, you can get hold of the MR at the airport or even at the malls. I got a better exchange rate at the mall. My decision to go was done in haste, but I know that I had to go. (Things I should have done for my trip)
(Tourist attractions visited:
Safari, Genting, Malacca City, Batu Caves, A' Famosa, Melaka)

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