Friday, November 13, 2009

A Trip to Malacca

It was raining during the early part of the day when I left the hotel. Fortunate for me, the sun was shining brightly at Malacca. The city is a bit far from where I was staying, so we left very early. The travel was worth it. The place is truly rich with Malaysian culture.

I was able to make a swift tour, digesting everything my eyes can behold. At the park, there are a number of colorful rickshaws that you can ride to take you around the area and have some photo shoots. The people are amiable.

Selamat datang, as they say.


  1. Hey, I am amazed by what you have done this year! You are a good writer... your hs friend

  2. To Anonymous(my hs friend), hey thanks dude! You got my spirits high! Do visit my other site


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