Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Church Finder

That day, I saw a big mosque in the city. Jack, my "teksi" driver said there is a bigger mosque that he can show me. Later on in the afternoon, Jack changed his mind and brought me to a Catholic church instead. He said we came there so I can pray. I was a little disappointed not to see the grand mosque like he said earlier but it was a good suggestion from him that I pray here.

We went to St.Peter's Church in Melaka (or Melacca).

The church was constructed in 1710 under the Dutch administration. It is the oldest Catholic church in Malaysia. Its facade and decorative embellishment is a mix of both eastern and western architecture. Its bell was delivered from Goa in 1608.

The church was closed. I headed for the adoration chapel instead where I offered my thanksgiving. I was so thrilled with my trip here in Malaysia. I was so happy that I even had this opportunity to visit a church and pray. Jack's idea was great after all.


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