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Holidays Tours in Genting

The Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway is a main highway from Genting Sempah to Genting Highlands, Malaysia's famous mountain resort and entertainment parks. Genting Sempah-Genting Highlands Highway was used to be a private highway owned by Genting Highlands Resort. The construction of the highway was regarded as one of the most astonishing engineering project in Malaysia. However, frequent landslides at the highway during recent years have caused the highway to be recommissioned as a federal road by Malaysian Public Works Department in 2005.

Genting Highlands is a mountain peak within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia and is home to a famous mountain resort by the same name, which can be reached by car from Kuala Lumpur in one hour. It is also accessible by the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car called Genting Skyway. In 2006, the resort had 18.4 million visitors. Genting Highlands was founded by the late Lim Goh Tong in the late 1960s. Currently, this resort is being lead by Lim Goh Tong's son, Lim Kok Thay who is also the current president and CEO of Star Cruises company.

It is sometimes informally known as the Las Vegas of Malaysia, dubbed the "City of Entertainment", as it has the only legal land-based casino in the country and is run by Resorts World Bhd, a subsidiary of Genting Group. The resort, Genting Highlands Resort, also features many hotels owned by Genting subsidiaries including Awana Genting, First World Hotel, Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel and Theme Park Hotel. Facilities in this resort include two theme parks, a "Ripley's Believe It or Not" Museum, a wind-turbine sky diving simulator, golf courses and shopping malls.

There is a computerized system outside First World Hotel which can automatically calculate the number of parking-bays left in four hotels; First World Hotel, Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel and Resort Hotel.

Genting Highlands is also home to a 100 million year old forest.

The cool mountain air makes it an exhilarating experience to enjoy the many rides at the Outdoor Theme Park. Whether taking leisure drives in the Antique car or experiencing the adrenaline pumping Space Shot, it's a magical adventure of fun and excitement for the whole family.

There is more than 20 different kind of excitement in the theme park , for example, "the space shot" which 185 feet high,"the pirate ship", "a spinner", so much much more.

Genting Skyway, located at the Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor side of Genting Highlands, Malaysia, is currently the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car system. Its lower station is located near Gohtong Jaya, and its upper station is located at Highlands Hotel of Genting Highlands Resort. It was officially opened in 1997 by the former prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohammad.

Source: Wikipedia


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