Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bird Watcher

Wow, I miss blogging. Just returned home from Europe. Back with the birds!

I visited the commercial squares in Europe. This one was in Portugal. The birds won't fly, looks like they're heavy from getting fed by the tourists there (probably pizza crumbs).

Birds . . . they're great to watch when in a flock. I love watching them fly together. At home, in the Philippines, I am so blessed to have a view of a flock of flying birds every afternoon, an hour before sunset. Lately, I discovered the same flock fly after sunrise, when I walk my dogs in the morning. What a lovely world!

I sure had a greater time with the birds here in Malaysia, at the Batu Caves, where they were more in number during my visit and had more energy to flap their wings.

Even my hotel in Malaysia has flying birds as motif on the walls. Cool! Fly on!

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