Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Local Tastes of the City Tours

My first tour day in Malaysia was spent going around the city, in Kuala Lumpur. I was so eager that I went hopping from one place to another.

I went to a tourist shop where I bought a pair of violet sunglasses, what fun! I was able to drop by several mini showcase factories, but actually they are shops where they encourage tourists to buy. Included in the list are sites manufacturing chocolates, leather goods, batik cloth and dresses and one that makes and sell pewter products, where I got my mom an anklet.

I went to the King's Palace where visitors were not allowed. But the guard made my day by letting me have a photo with him. You cannot talk to the guards, they just stand there, not at all annoyed with critters like me.

What amazes me is the blending of buildings and structures with nature, lots of greens and lines of trees. Truly lovely!

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